Deb and Finnie’s Life in Weihai: Entry 1

Our diary of experiences in Weihai. 

In this diary, I hope to share with you our experiences as they occurred in our life here.   In this diary, I will use English nicknames for our Chinese and foreign friends and colleagues — not because I prefer our friends’ adopted English names but because I will not be able to always ask permission to use a real name for this purpose and the nicknames will be generally anonymous.

August 27-30, 2009.  Arrival and establishing our home in Weihai:

Our travel from Dallas Ft. Worth to Weihai took an extra long travel time — 36 hours due to a mechanical problem with pilots’ toilet just as we were to depart San Francisco. It took 4.5 hours to fix, and that seemed to drag everything out – especially the very late connection in Beijing, which was further delayed by weather for another 4 hours!  Anyway we finally arrived in Weihai at 3:30 AM local time – about 10 hours later than we had expected. But we arrived safely with all our baggage! Our first night here was spent in the Foreign Experts Building in Shandong University at Weihai (SDUW) campus, rather than our apartment.  We needed to outfit the apartment (referred to as a “house”) first. We awoke at 7:00 AM., and went in search of breakfast! It was handy to be on campus, but unfortunately no food service was available then because this was a break time, so we went to a campus convenience store for our first breakfast.  Breakfast at campus grocery first morning after 4 hours sleep sm

With the help of our colleagues, Lulu and Yvonne, we had a full day of shopping and bargain hunting! In the end, we got the basics for our apartment, which is located a couple of blocks off campus, and moved in that evening. I’ll share photos of our apartment.

sm Outside parking area toward west Living room sm

Living room 2 sm Master bedroom -- at least bed sm

sm View from Balcony  Outside community visiting area sm

Over the next couple of days, we made several more shopping trips to stores and grocery shops as we discovered something else we needed/wanted.  By now, we both now have nice bikes for getting around, and that has dramatically improved our mobility. We have good internet and cable in our house and we have cell phones!

We were interested in the number and variety of stores, shops and service providers on campus. I needed a hair-cut, and I found a hair salon actually very near our office in the International Education Center, and got a great hair cut with great service at a good price.

This weekend is the annual Weihai Habitat festival celebrating the fact that Weihai was named by the UN two or three years ago as being one of the very top places on Earth to live for quality of life. So, we are told that there will be big fireworks and a yacht race at the beach.

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