Deb and Finnie’s Life in Weihai: Entry 2

Sat, Sep 5, 2009 AM

This morning, I am waiting for a delivery of a new inkjet printer/scanner.  The business man who sells these will bring it to my house and will arrive in a few minutes.

Last evening we rode our bikes to a new department store a couple of blocks away.  It is very impressive!  It doesn’t look so great on the outside, but it has a wide variety of types of products that appear to be of high quality.  In particular, there were lots of great looking clothes (though maybe a smidge small for some of us), household items and appliances, and groceries.  While Deb shopped for a few groceries, I went to the fourth floor to buy a DVD player.  I found them easily, and in the couple of seconds I was looking for just the right one (cheapest and smallest), I heard a loud commotion nearby, followed by "Professor Murray!, Professor Murray, Finnie!."   I looked and was it Amy and her husband Frank.  Amy is an English teacher and Frank is the chair of the Music department and a pianist.  After great hugs all round, we talked about when Deb and I arrived in Weihai, etc.   Amy and Frank have had us over for tea several times, and the last time was in June of 2008.   Amy, a piano student, and Deb made silk flowers while we talked.  It was a great reunion.  Their daughter studied at UNK for a year and now she (Rachel) is in graduate school at the University of New Mexico.  When Amy and Frank discovered that I was looking for a DVD player, they said they had one that I can have.  There was no way to pay for it or decline, so I said great!   So Amy brought the very nice DVD player over last evening and installed it for us!   We promised to go visit them lots of times and have them over here! 

(The printer/scanner was just delivered and installed!  Thoroughly!)

Our friend, David, called last night to invite us to go to the yacht club to watch the international yacht race, but Deb had to go see her dean and I had to take the delivery of the printer this morning, so we had to decline.  I hope we get to see the fireworks tonight and tomorrow night. 

By the way, I think I am gaining weight.  I thought one was supposed to lose weight on an Asian diet, but if everyone else is losing weight, I am finding it!  The food has been totally delicious.   I can eat only 1/3 as much as any Chinese person, man, women, or child.  I don’t understand why I am getting fatter.   Lulu says that I like Chinese food too much, so some day, we’ll have to find some western food to see if I can lose on it over here!  rolling on the floor

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