Securing Transfer Credit from an Foreign University to an American University

Students who attended a foreign university or college and who wish to have their credits considered for transfer to a particular university or college in America, must provide to the American University Registrar’s Office (sometimes called “Office of Student Records and Registration” or something similar):

1. An official transcript from the institution reflecting all courses attempted and grades received

2. A professional credential evaluation completed by a member of the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services (NACES). See for a complete list of member agencies or contact the Office of Student Records and Registration for an approved list. Some American universities may prefer a particular credential evaluation service, so it will be advantageous to check with the Registrar’s office to determine if that is the case.

3. Complete course descriptions for each course to be considered for transfer

4. Other information regarding previous educational experience, as requested

The registrar’s office will evaluate credits for transfer when all documentation has been submitted and in many cases will work with appropriate academic departments in this process. It is likely that evaluations will only be done for students who have been fully admitted into a degree seeking program at the particular American university.

Note: Particular American universities may have additional or other requirements in making their decisions, so be sure to check with your American University Registrar for information specific to that university.

Students should:

1. Go to and look under Current Members for a list of approved Credential Evaluation Agencies.

Note: Check with the university registrar’s office to determine if it has aan agency of choice.

2. When you submit your request for the evaluation be sure to indicate that a copy be sent to the Registrar at the university to which you are applying. There is no fee for this copy.

3. The Registrar will then determine, with the assistance of appropriate academic departments if necessary, the classes that will transfer and the credit hours to be awarded.

Note: Complete course descriptions should be provided whenever possible as this will make the transfer process much faster and more accurate.

4. Until a complete evaluation is available, the student should work with the Registrar to plan a schedule of classes that does not duplicate coursework taken previously that may transfer to the American university.


Adapted from instructions created by, and used with permission of, the Office of Student Records and Registration at the University of Nebraska at Kearney. March 2010.

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