Deb’s and Finnie’s Life in Weihai: Entry 18 — update

April 15. 2010.

Well, maybe this is more of a confession than an update… thinking  Last evening, after Deb’s class, we went to the Northern Dumpling King (北方饺子王)restaurant I just described in our entry #18.  The dining room in which we sit in this new restaurant is on the second floor, and just as I was sitting down, I noted that the neon sign on a restaurant across the street had flashed on, and I immediately saw 北方饺子王, so, puzzled, I asked the waitress (who speaks little English, if any), if that is the same restaurant company as the one in which we were sitting.  She nodded that it is.  Deb said, well that is the restaurant we have enjoyed since our first week in Weihai.  I said that I didn’t think so, because we were not on the right street for that one.  Anyway, we enjoyed another great meal (forgot to take photos again – but I promise we will next time…).  While we were eating, we paid closer attention to the name of the new restaurant, and notice that it’s name is actually 北方美食城 (Northern Delicious Food City), but a document on the wall over our table seemed to indicate that it was also the Dumpling King (饺子王), so we concluded that they are the same company, and that explains why Deb had noticed the first time we visited that the waitresses wore the same green suits as in our other favorite restaurant. Then when we were starting to go home, I went by the place across the street, and to my shock, it clearly was the place we have been enjoying for six months!  I have posted photos we took in it, showing the food and the big aquarium containing the pretty pink fish.  So, I had been very proud to have discovered (with a little help from my students and Dr. Li) a great new restaurant to take Deb, and now it turns out that we were already going to it… but of course, we weren’t able to read Chinese so well before straight face.  Deb always says, “I hate it when I’m right.”  (I think in her dictionary, hate and gloat have the same definition big grin.)  So, I am sure that Deb is “hating” this situation very much, and I will pay for my ignorance many times before she stops “hating” that she was right! worried

But, life is still sweet!

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2 Responses to Deb’s and Finnie’s Life in Weihai: Entry 18 — update

  1. Unknown says:

    I’m enjoying reading about your "new" life. Please keep blogging!!! Hope you are both,karen (harmon)

  2. Finnie says:

    Thanks Karen! It’s good to hear from you!Finnie

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