Tongli May 4

Tongli: Ancient water village, about 40 minutes away from Suzhou is over 1,000 years old. We drove to Tongli to see the village before going to Shanghai airport to return home. It’s quiet beauty and interesting shops, gardens, and activities made this little town a favorite for us!

Most of the scenes we photographed are self-evident, so I will label only where a word of explanation may be helpful.

001 Tongli 003 Tongli

005 Tongli 006 Tongli

007 Tongli 008 Tongli

                     Washing clothes in the canal

009 Tongli 010 Tongli

                                                                                           Cleaning food – fish(?)

011 Tongli 012 Tongli

                                                                                                 Gentleman having a smoke on a bridge

013 Tongli 014 Tongli

                         Part of lunch – roast pork                                        Little street of shops

015 Tongli 018 Tongli

                       Town Square – opera stage                             Candy Maker – making taffy & singing

019 Tongli 020 Tongli

            Comb maker – making combs from animal horns       Some of the combs she made

021 Tongli Garden 022 Tongli Garden

Tongli Garden

023 Tongli Garden 024 Tongli Garden

Tongli Garden

026 Tongli Garden 028 Tongli Garden

Tongli Garden

029 Tongli Garden 030 Tongli Garden

Tongli Garden

034 Tongli Garden 035 Tongli Garden

Tongli Garden

037 Tongli street 038 Tongli street

Tongli streets

040 Tongli street 041 Tongli street

Tongli canal streets

042 Tongli street 043 Tongli street

045 Tongli street 046 Tongli street

050 Tongli street 052 Tongli street

054 Tongli street 056 Tongli street

058 Tongli street 059 Tongli Tea House for lunch

                                    Tongli Street                          View from our lunch table at Nanyuan Tea House

060 Tongli Tea House for lunch 065 Tongli Tea House for lunch

Fishermen on canal outside Nanyuan Tea House

066 Tongli Tea House for lunch 073 Tongli Tea House for lunch

View of inside tea house and our table

074 Tongli Tea House for lunch 075 Tongli silk embroidery b day gift for me

                  Our lunch  or what was left of it                      A silk embroidery that Deb discovered

                                                                                         she had purchased for my birthday —

                                                                                          which was very sweet of her! rolling on the floor


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